Play and Earn

What's the difference between PlaytoEarn & PlayAndEarn?

PlaytoEarn emphasizes the fact that players are only there in the game to earn something, which is sadly the state of most crypto games out there. This means that everyone isn't playing because the game is fun, only because they are getting some sort of economic benefit from it.
Games are supposed to be fun... because if not, whats the point?!
PlayAndEarn brings back the concept that you are playing the game because you're having fun, and the earning part is a bonus, the cherry on top of the cake! That's the way we want our games to be like and we believe that's the way forward for the crypto gaming industry as a whole, to truly reach mass adoption.
We have started Fusion Monsters because this is our passion project and absolute baby. It just so happens that we're also big fans of Minecraft, and that's why we're so excited about NFT Worlds and our part in it with the Fusemon World MMO!
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