Into the Metaverse
Fusemon World is using the NFT Worlds technology to help bring Minecraft players from all around the world into the Metaverse. You can play Fusemon World on any java Minecraft compatible device, that means PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PC, you name it!

The Fusion Monsters Multiverse

Fusion Monsters is comprised of two primary games/platforms:
The 1st one is Fusion Monsters Web, which is our attempt at creating the best monster collecting game the world has ever seen. It will follow a modular development, which means the different parts of the game/platform will be released step by step. For some more info about this check out our Whitepaper and the Fusion Monsters Website​
The 2nd one is Fusemon World, our take at a full 3D MMO experience with Mini Fusemon as your trusty companions. There are endless ways to play, as this is our little experiments playground with loads of themed minigames and many regions to explore & conquer with your friends.
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