About Fusemon World
Enter into a spinning cube of wonder!!!
Home to an infinite array of creatures too varied to fully comprehend. Hundreds... perhaps thousands... meticulously fashioned by the forces of nature in all its glory, as only nature can.
And no matter what corner of the world you find yourself in, rest assured... you'll find Mini Fusemon there as well!

So many things to do... so little time to do them!

  • Hyper Beam Battles (battle your way to the top using your trusty skull to hyper beam your foes to the ground... but beware, it takes a long time to recover)
  • Ninja Showdown (become a true ninja, unleash the hidden power of the Water Shurikens)
  • Imposter (a true game of hide and seek)
  • New Awesome Minigames coming out every other week
  • New Cool Maps being added on a every other week
  • Grab your eggs in the Mini Fusemon Eggs Sale to get ready for the Mini-Fusemon gameplay release (you will also recive mini NFTs & can stake them to earn $Fusion tokens daily)
  • Battle your way through the vast wonders and dangers of the Fusemon World in the full fledged MMO experience we are working on...
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